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Meditation is a practice that involves training the mind to focus and achieve a state of calm and relaxation, leading to greater clarity, peace, and well-being.

Benefits of Meditation

Improved Sleep

Reduced Stress

Control Anxiety

Reduced Pain

Helps with PTSD

Positive Outlook

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45 min lunchtime Meditation class
Coming Soon!

£9 per person

Weekly on Thursdays


Suitable for all levels, using “Loving Kindness” and “Yoga Nidra” methods.

Contact me or log your interest on the website

Held at:

The Wellbeing Tree

16 St John St, Bromsgrove

B61 8QY

One-2-One Meditation Session

1 hour  /  £50

A session to learn different meditation styles, posture and breathing in a one on one session infused with Angelic Reiki.

Wellbeing Days

Enquire for bespoke packages

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