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Sound Baths

We offer a unique experience to our clients with sound baths. A sound bath is a deeply relaxing and healing sound experience that combines crystal singing bowls and other healing instruments to create a calming and peaceful environment.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

Relieve stress

Help with depression and anxiety

Chronic pain


Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Insomnia

Boost confidence

What is sound therapy?

Sound Therapy is used to restore a healthy vibration within the physical body. The energy when
restored is believed to help energies to flow freely and restore cellular health and better overall

Sound Therapy bathes you in sound whilst you really listen (not just hear) to sounds and feel them in
all areas of the body.

Using different frequencies and instruments to heal the vibrations of the body.

What we offer

"Morning Julia, last night was fantastic, thank you so much. I've never felt so relaxed and light both emotionally and physically. To be able to get to a point of totally switching off and relaxing was amazing. I come not having a clue what to expect to be honest except that it looked and sounded so peaceful and calming so wanted to try. I will definitely be back to others.

First full night sleep in a very long time! x"

Sound Bath Testimonial

We also offer bespoke packages for corporate events and wellbeing days

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