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What is a Sound Bath?

🤔So what is a Sound Bath???

💦💧Well there’s no water involved so you won’t need your costume

🎶 You are ‘bathed’ in sound - but why sound? It dates back to thousands of years

🪘 We react well to natures sounds which dates back to our ancestors hearing the sounds - think waves gently lapping the shore, rain pouring and birds - they induce deep relaxation

👩‍🔬 There’s scientific evidence too - it slows down the heart rate, blood pressure and calms the central nervous system - like meditation you tap into the alpha and theta brainwaves

🧠 You enter into a ‘altered state of consciousness’ (ASC) - good for your brain and overall wellbeing - it gives the brain time to deal with emotions and memories and reset the brains mineral levels - leaving you refreshed and relaxed

🌍 Todays life is fast paced, can be stressful and our brains consciously process 40 chunks of information per second with our subconscious brain processing 11 million per second

🥰 And the best bit….. you just lie down and let it all happen to you - no effort required


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